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School counselors usually do not operate in a void. News, updates and concerns at the local to national and international levels can keep counselors apprised on issues that surround students and families — sometimes, entire communities. The following top 50 blogs by school counselors include blogs by and for counselors, by counselors for students and families and resources that can help counselors with issues such as bullying.

The list below is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically within those categories.

School CounselorSchool Counseling Blogs

  1. College Counseling Blog: St. Margaret’s Episcopal School’s counselors offer a venue for students, teachers and community surrounding this K-12 private school.
  2. Dr. Husson’s School Counseling Blog: Dr. Husson provides a resource for students and parents with her blog.
  3. DVC International Counseling Blog: Diablo Valley College international students can use this blog to stay in touch with updates, news and events.
  4. Florida School Counselor Association News: This is just one example of a state-run school counselor organization and its function to inform.
  5. Lassiter School Counseling Blog: This school district offers a blog that promotes news and information from the counseling office.
  6. McDowell Counselor’s Blog: A middle-school counselor offers a resource for communication at her school.
  7. McNair Elementary School Counselor: Mr. Harris reaches out to parents and the community to help residents stay connected to McNair.
  8. Ohio School Counselor Association: Another large statewide school counselor association, focusing on news, awards, resources and more.
  9. School Counselor Blog: An elementary school counselor in Iowa began this blog as a way to collaborate with other counselors.

CollegeCollege Counselor/Counseling Blogs

  1. Admitted: This is the official blog of the National Association for College Admission Counseling.
  2. College Counseling Culture: A blog generated by Willard Dix, a college admission dean and college counselor who works with adults and organizations who counsel and support first-generation and minority students on the way to college.
  3. Minding the Campus: This is a project devoted to a revival of intellectual pluralism and the best traditions of liberal education.
  4. Rethinking Admissions: This Wake Forest University blog speaks to students, parents and counselors about the changing face of college admissions.
  5. SU School Counseling Program Blog: Dr. Poynton is the program director for counselor education at Suffolk University.
  6. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Find blogs listed in the lower left at this link — tools that can help counselors stay ahead in the counseling field.
  7. The College Puzzle: Dr. Michael W. Kirst at Stanford University’s School of Education writes this college success blog.
  8. The College Solution Blog: Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a journalist and college consultant who is skilled at generating discussion.

Education ImageResource Blogs

  1. A Better Education: Tracy Stevens is interested in education that fosters a curiosity beyond the traditional straight-line academic format.
  2. ACA Blogs: The American Counseling Association creates a space for counselors to blog with other counselors.
  3. ASCA Scene: This blog is for members of the American School Counselor Association.
  4. Character Counts: A resource guide for counselors and teachers of younger children from the Josephson Institute, Center for Youth Ethics.
  5. Creative Learning Systems: Learning Styles Blog: Yvonne Eve Walus walks readers through various learning styles.
  6. Education Week: Click on the blog tab at top to read through various blogs geared toward educators and counselors.
  7. High School Counselor Week Blog: This blog is geared toward students and to help counselors stay on top of relevant topics.
  8. Intervention Central: Jim Wright, MS, is a full-time trainer and consultant to schools and organizations on issues relating to intervention.
  9. Miriam’s School Law and Reform: This attorney is a special education law expert, author and reformer who graduated from public schools.
  10. Naomi Drew: Learn more about bullying, parenting, conflict resolution and character education from the author of seven books.
  11. National Center for Youth Issues: Gain practical insights, guidance and resources from the blog produced by the NCYI.
  12. School Counselor Blog: This blog provides a place where K-12 school counselors can share ideas, create lesson plans and share resources.
  13. Study Hacks: Around half of the content is student-specific, while the other half is applicable to anyone interested in “building a remarkable life.”

StudentsGeared Toward Students and Parents

  1. Campus Grotto: This is a national college news blog that covers a wide range of college-related topics.
  2. College Blender: Students, faculty and alumni are encouraged to offer advice, news and an “unfiltered look at campus life all over the country.”
  3. College Thrive: A blog filled with resources, tips, and advice for college students.
  4. Get Schooled Challenge: This blog’s main focus is to get students to do better in school, to go to college and to improve futures.
  5. Homework/Study Tips: Grace Fleming has worked with students for many years as a college adviser and admission counselor.
  6. My College Admissions Blog: While geared toward high school students, this blog can bring light to current topics for high school counselors.
  7. My Usearch: This blog is dedicated to providing a completely unbiased resource for students searching for colleges.
  8. NextStepU: This online and print magazine helps students plan for college, careers and life. Use this resource to learn more about updated issues and topics.
  9. Parents Countdown to College Coach: A counseling blog for parents to help them navigate the college maze.
  10. Student Branding Blog: Stay on top of the student branding solutions offered by Dan Schawbel, a personal branding expert, the author of Me 2.0, and the publisher of the Personal Branding Blog.

BullyingProfessional Counselors

  1. Admission Scoop: News, advice and information for the college-bound student from Lynn Radlauer Lubell, publisher of
  2. College Admissions: Jeannie Borin, MEd, offers college admission news, advice and tips.
  3. HEAD4COLLEGE-NE: Sharon McLaughlin operates McLaughlin Education Consulting, a college planning service in Central Massachusetts.
  4. International College Counselors: This business blog focuses on college strategies for high school students.
  5. Montgomery Educational Consulting: This company provides “affordable, expert advice to students and their families” in navigating the college selection and admissions process.
  6. Reading, Writing & Math Help for Dyslexia, LD & ADHD: Bonnie Terry, MEd, BCET, is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and best selling author with over 35 years of experience.
  7. Successful Education Solutions: This site is focused on coaching families through the college experience.
  8. The Admission Game: This business offers an ongoing discussion about factors that impact the college planning process.
  9. The Fat Envelope: Jennifer and Gary Cohen have years of experience with coaching students through tests and into the application process.
  10. The Ivy Coach: Bev Taylor, founder and president of The Ivy Coach, is an educational consultant in the field of college admissions.
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