30 Informative Q&A Sites on Counseling Young Children

Written by admin at 08:24:pm on 3rd November, 2011

As a school counselor, you have the opportunity to have a profound and positive impact on children. Even though we often think of children as being innocent and carefree, the reality is that life offers many obstacles, and even the youngest among us are affected by the ups and downs of life. However, young children don’t have the same coping mechanisms that adults have, so a good school counselor can become instrumental in helping them navigate some of the disappointments and heartbreak that can come in life.

Before you begin your career in counseling, though, it is important to make sure you understand the unique challenges associated with counseling young children. The good news is that there is plenty of help available to you. You can get help from the Internet, in the form of informative web sites that offer counseling ideas, tips and advice. If you are hoping to be of use to young children, here are 30 Q&A sites that can help you better understand how to help your smallest clients:

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20 Amazing Search Engines and Databases for High School Counselors

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Just because you have a master’s in counseling doesn’t mean that your internet researching days are over. The field of academics and education is constantly changing, and counselors can’t wait for the administration to issue updates the second they become available. But is there really a way to do serious, safe searches over the web that can help students and keep your computer history clean?

We think so and have gathered 20 amazing search engines and databases for high school counselors. You can use them to get the latest lesson plans in all sorts of subjects, look up the latest journal entries without a subscription, and even help college bound students select and pay for a higher education. [click to continue…]

Top 50 Dot-Edu Resources for School Counselors

Written by admin at 07:15:am on 21st July, 2011

One of the most rewarding jobs is being a school counselor. You have the opportunity to guide students on a path to a successful life. This can be a great source of pride in yourself. You can help students overcome problems, and prepare for the world.

Of course, a school counseling job isn’t always easy. You have to deal with deep issues, and sometimes counsel students with serious problems. You need all the help you can get when you are a school counselor. If you are looking for helpful information on dealing with school-age children, you can turn to solid resources offered by various educational institutions. Here are 50 dot-edu resources that school counselors can use:

Developmental and Child Psychology

A basic understanding of how the mind develops can help you as you help students. You should understand developmental psychology. Additionally, child psychology — and adolescent psychology — resources can help you gain valuable insight into the ways your students’ minds work.

  1. Developmental Psychology: Join this division of the APA for insights into the developing psyche.
  2. Teaching Resources: Even if you aren’t teaching developmental psych, these resources can provide you with plenty of insight and helpful places to get information.
  3. Online Developmental Psychology Resources: The Children’s Memory Study at Loyola offers a look at different resources related to developmental psych.
  4. Developmental Psychology: Indian University offers a resource guide that can help you find journal articles, as well as dictionaries and more.
  5. GMU’s Online Resources for Developmental Psychology: Anyone — not just GMU students — can get access to these great resources.
  6. Adolescent Psychology: Great subject guide that provides you with information on adolescent psych.
  7. Child & Adolescent Psychology: Access to databases, articles, books, and more related to the psychology of children and adolescents.
  8. Moral Development and Moral Education: An Overview: A great look at how morals are developed, and the role of education in psychological development.
  9. Teen Years Explained: Interactive guide to adolescent development.

Depression and Mental Health

Understanding the basics of mental health, especially depression, can be useful for school counselors. Children and teenagers are dealing with a number of pressures in this age, and being able to help them with their mental health outcomes can be a true life-saver.

  1. Resources for Depression: This resource from Colorado State University offers you a good place to start.
  2. Mental Depression Resources: A number of helpful resources, from articles to citations, on mental depression.
  3. Depression Research Clinic: Standford provides access to information, as well as the results of research into depression.
  4. Psychosocial Research and Depression Clinic: Access research, training opportunities and more related to depression.
  5. National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health: Ideas, developmental points, and ideas for health mental health development in children.
  6. Mental Health Resources: Great direction for learning about mental health and finding the resources you need.

Body Image, Sexuality and Physical Health

Body image is a big deal for most teenagers. Even younger children are being affected by body image problems. Learn more about helping young people improve their self-image and live healthier.

  1. Body Image: A research guide that can help you find background on body image and health.
  2. Body Image Dissatisfaction: A Growing Concern Among Men: We focus a lot on females and body image. Don’t forget to look at males as well.
  3. Body Image and Adolescents: This chapter takes a look at body image challenges for teenagers.
  4. Teen body image — reality versus perception: An interesting look at how teens view themselves. Don’t forget to watch the video.
  5. Health Teen Development Resources: Covers physical health, sexuality and more. Great resources.
  6. Teen sexuality: A great opinion piece on sexuality, as well as misconceptions seen in the media.
  7. Safer Sex Resources: Helpful information and resources for school counselors who deal with teen pregnancy and sexuality.
  8. Teens in Trouble: Eating Disorders: Learn more about eating disorders, and addressing dangerous aspects of these problems.
  9. Eating Disorders: Myths and Campus Resources: While this resource is aimed at college students, it is still helpful for school counselors dealing with younger people.
  10. Go Ask Alice: Great insight for teens, and a good resource for school counselors.

Drugs and Other Addictions

Substance abuse can be a very real issue for many young people. You should have a working understanding of the signs of an addiction, as well as some ideas for what you can do to treat the problem, or find someone who can help.

  1. SAMHDA: The University of Michigan offers this helpful access to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Data Archive.
  2. Street Drug Slang Dictionary: A searchable resource so that you are informed.
  3. The New Science of Addiction: Find out how addiction affects the brain.
  4. Alcohol Abuse and Young People: Looks at the realities of drinking and students.
  5. Drug and Alcohol Resources: Where to turn for information and help.
  6. Alcohol & Other Drugs: A look at news related to teen health and substance abuse.
  7. Teen Drug Use: Interview on teen drug use.
  8. Teen Alcohol and Drug Use: More on teens and substance abuse.
  9. Internet Addiction: Learn about this growing threat.


Resources on bullying can help you keep tabs on students, and help them overcome problems. It is important to remember that bullying is more than just physical altercations. Verbal and emotional bullying can be devastating, and digital forms of bullying (cell phones or the Internet) are on the rise.

  1. SourceBook of Drug and Violence Programs for Children and Adolescents: This resource focuses on violence as part of substance abuse and other issues, and can help you prepare anti-violence programs.
  2. Stop School Bullying: Plenty of great resources to help you prevent all types of bullying.
  3. Bullying Prevention and Intervention Resources: Stage an intervention/prevention program at your school.
  4. Case Five: Cyber Bullying: Find out about this growing threat.
  5. Bullying Research Network: Plenty of information about bullying, and how to prevent it.
  6. The Bullying Epidemic: A look at confronting bullying and changing the outcomes.
  7. Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center: Help prevent aggression and bullying.
  8. Olweus Bulling Prevention Program: Implement this program to reduce bullying in your school.

Child Abuse

Many children and teenagers are subject to child abuse. You need to recognize the signs that someone is being abused physically, emotionally or sexually, and be prepared to provide support and assistance to the abused.

  1. Child Abuse Prevention Network: Plenty of help from Cornell University.
  2. Child Abuse Prevention Project: Helpful information and resources, as well as study results.
  3. Signs & Symptoms of Abuse/Neglect: A look at how you can possibly identify signs of abuse.
  4. Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing, Reporting, and Responding for Educators: This resources is fairly straightforward, and aimed at educators and others working in schools.
  5. Child Physical and Sexual Abuse: Guidelines for Treatments: Advice on helping victims.
  6. Child Abuse Prevention Society: Get involved, and find information on child abuse.
  7. Child Abuse: Covers the basics of child abuse, so that you know what you are dealing with.
  8. Prevention: Do your part to help prevent child abuse, and be on alert.

Top 10 School District Turnaround Successes of All Time

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Education has seen many great turnarounds in recent years; in part due to the No Child Left Behind act. However, many of the wonderful turnaround stories are mostly due to the diligence and persistence of great teachers and administrators. Here are 10 examples of great turnarounds in schools across the US.

  1. Chamberlain School District, South Dakota: Chamberlain’s school district has a large Native American population. Before the school fell under the No Child Left Behind act, just 27% of Native American students in the district were proficient in math, and just 45% were proficient in reading. Six years later, in 2009, 63% were proficient in math and 61% were proficient in reading.
  2. Viers Mill Elementary, Silver Spring Maryland: Viers Mill Elementary used to have the nickname “slumville”. But the school has had a major turnaround, that they like to call “gradual progress”. But, this gradual progress was so significant that it merited a visit from President Obama this year.
  3. Palmdale, California: For ten years in a row, the school district grew by about 1000 students per year, forcing the district to focus its resources primarily on building new schools to handle the influx. This led to a lack of effort in ensuring the standards were high. But, all that has changed. Now, math and reading assessments are given every six weeks, and their results are used to change curriculum focus as needed.
  4. Creighton Elementary School, Phoenix, Arizona: Two years ago, this district had six schools that were identified as “under achieving” and one as “failing to meet academic standards”. Today, these eight schools are all identified at least at the “performing” category, and most are at the “performing plus” designation.
  5. Nickloff Elementary School, San Diego, California: In 2007, this school was failing to meet API targets. But, by 2009, the school had raised its API scores by 67 points, quadruple the state’s average for the year.
  6. Hillsboro Deering Elementary School, Hillsboro, NH: In 2007, this school was in corrective action for English Language Arts. Over the course of two years, the school was able to reach all AYP targets, going from 32% of their students scoring substantially or partially below sufficient to 23%. In addition, students scoring at proficient or proficient with distinction rose from 68% to 77%.
  7. Shawnee High School, Louisville Kentucky: Shawnee was recently listed as one of the top 10 schools receiving focused turnaround attention from a national program.
  8. Boston, MA:11 elementary schools in Boston were the target of a program by Boston College. The program links each child to a tailored set of intervention, prevention and enrichment services within the community to enhance that student’s performance and well-being. So far results have seen students who previously ranked at the 50th percentile move to the 75th by grade 5 and students in the 25th percentile move to around the 50th.
  9. New Orleans, Louisiana: New Orleans schools have seen quite a turnaround since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2005 64 percent of the schools in New Orleans were deemed “academically unacceptable” by the state of Louisiana. Today, that number has been reduced to 42% and activities are ongoing.
  10. Digital Harbor School, Baltimore Maryland: Once plagued by violence and litter, Digital Harbor School is now a model for the turnaround an inner city school can achieve. Every student has a laptop, and students who come to the school reading under expectations are quickly put on a program to bring them up to standard.

There are, of course, thousands of schools that have seen great turnaround over recent years, in part due to a focus of federal money on programs for the lowest performing of these schools. And, as this funding goes forward, we can expect to see many more schools get the assistance and attention they need to improve the education they provide to students.

Top 50 Blogs by School Counselors

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School counselors usually do not operate in a void. News, updates and concerns at the local to national and international levels can keep counselors apprised on issues that surround students and families — sometimes, entire communities. The following top 50 blogs by school counselors include blogs by and for counselors, by counselors for students and families and resources that can help counselors with issues such as bullying. [click to continue…]

18 Essential Web Applications for School Counselors

Written by admin at 02:46:pm on 19th October, 2010

Teachers and counselors have lots of technology on their side these days. The number of applications and websites available that are relevant to your career is simply amazing. Check out these 19 web applications that can make your job as a counselor easier and your life a bit more fun, too!

For Your iPhone

  1. Evernote: You’ll never take notes on paper again. It’s so easy to take notes on your phone and save them or file them. You can easily catalog notes for later and eliminate carrying that notebook around with you all the time.
  2. Remember the Milk: This is a great app for making electronic lists and keeping track of the things you have to do.
  3. TED: TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design: This app is great for finding out plenty of interesting information. You’ll get access to lots of great speakers and speeches here.
  4. Keynote: The iWork Keynote app is ideal for on-the-go presentation development. You can also import Microsoft Powerpoint slide decks with ease.
  5. Stanza: Read books on your iPhone with this great digital reading interface. You won’t believe how clearly you can read with Stanza.

For Your Android

  1. WaveSecure: As a counselor, you may have confidential information stored on your phone. WaveSecure keeps it safe.
  2. Titanium Backup: Back up the information on your phone quickly and easily.
  3. Astrid: This is a great to do list application that will really keep you organized.
  4. Folder Organizer: This lets you organize your apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts by creating labels. You can also customize the icons for the labels that you create.
  5. Good Reader: This is a great Google reader app for the Android. You can read your RSS feeds and other docs on Google with unbelievable clarity.
  6. Urban Dictionary: Keep up with what those high school students are talking about with Urban Dictionary. Look up modern slang phrases quickly and easily.
  7. World Stats: This is one of the best online references you’ll ever find. What’s the capital of Brazil? How many people live in the capital? This app can tell you in a flash.

For Your Computer

  1. Wridea: Take notes and then color coordinate them for easy reference. You’ll love how easy it is to organize notes with this website.
  2. Awesome highlighter: Highlight information on web pages and then create a link to that page for future reference. Go back to the highlighted information with the click of the mouse.
  3. School Counselor: This is the website for the American School Counselor Association. It offers resources and news for school counselors.
  4. ACT School Planner: Keep up to date with the activities secondary school counselors need to stay abreast of with this ACT website.
  5. The American Counseling Association: This site is a great resource for counselors of any kind. This organization works to promote the field of counseling and the people served by counselors of all kinds.
  6. National Career Development Association: One of the most important functions of a secondary school counselor is helping students decide on a college major or a career. The NCDA is a great resource to help counselors help their students.

Your work life can be so much easier with just a few great tools of the trade. All counselors can benefit from these websites and applications to help them do a better job, be more organized and stay more informed. Watch your productivity soar, your knowledge increase and your life become much more organized just by using these websites and applications. You’re sure to see a great benefit at work and at home. New apps are created every day, so be sure to stay informed on the newest apps that can make your life easier.

5 Best Blogs by School Counselors

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A school counselor is someone who as an educator who works in elementary, middle, and high schools to provide academic, career, college access, and personal/social competencies to every K-12 student. He touches topics and issues like developmental school counseling curriculum lessons, annual planning for every student, and other topics. Here some best blogs for School Counseling has been discussed out.

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The Ultimate Guide to the School Counselor Career

Written by admin at 05:48:am on 3rd May, 2010

School Counseling or Guidance Counseling are where aspirants looking for better career opportunities, vocational and academic advancement are guided by school counseling experts to follow up or pursue career of their choice and opportunity. They help students at every level from elementary school to college to choose upon the area where they wish to carve out career and opportunities for them.  They advocate on career related issues not only students but also individuals and organizations as well like state unemployment office or placement services as  to promote academic, career and social development.

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Master of School Counseling Online

Written by admin at 12:58:pm on 22nd April, 2010

Master of school counseling is an extremely interesting course for the discerning and the fact that it can be done online is just the tip of the iceberg. The course is beneficial not only to the person that intends to take it on as a career choice but also for all those that will be counseled by this person. It is proving to be a popular course especially in this day and age where life is becoming more and more complex by the hour.

Counselors have a major impact on our lives whether we like to admit it or not and the more qualified they are then the better. A counselor is the person every student can run to when they have issues be they at home or at school and get a free session that leaves them feeling that much better. The master of school counseling is a course that should be taken by all those that have every intention of molding the different characters that roam the school halls on different levels.

This course as with every other is highly competitive with careers opportunities being on the rise day after day. As such it should be taken on with all the zeal and zest that a person can master and if it is online then all the better. The online course is an excellent route to take as it gives the counselor room to grow in their career while still spending valuable time with the people that need the services the most.

The online classes are not only flexible but readily available without inconveniencing the students or any faculty that may need to be counseled. This is a cost effective way to get more qualifications and the fact that there is no physical class time required makes it all the more inviting. The qualifications are indeed accredited and if for nothing else they give the students that the person that is counseling them knows what they are going on about.

There are many institutions the counselor can work in and these range from elementary school, junior high, college and even university and even though in some cases the role of the counselor may be under estimated they are a vital part of any organization. The master of School Counseling course can be done online with ease both in the financial and physical sense.

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